Rapper T.I. is Feeling “Phenomenal”


After being released from the federal prison and a halfway house in Atlanta, Rapper T.I. cannot help but feel “phenomenal” — anyone who spends months in jail probably would.

But, instead of dwelling on his experiences in jail, T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, Jr., chooses to move on with life and try to make a go at making a musical comeback.

T.I., who was released from federal prison late August but had to spend another month in a halfway house prior to being released, is busying himself with a slew of club appearances, radio interviews and a BET performance, all leading to a his music career comeback.

“I feel phenomenal. But I never really get a chance to soak up the feeling of the moment because even as we speak, I’m planning for the next moment,” he tells MTV news.

“I’m looking to the future and trying to just move forward. I refuse to remain stagnant,” T.I. adds.

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