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Spotted: Taylor Momsen with Taped Nipples


Looks like Gossip Girl is busy snooping around people’s business once again. Following co-star Blake Live’s scandalous act, Little Ms. Jenny Humprhey, also known as Taylor Momsen, is spotted once again in a controversial dress but with more decorum– taping her nipples to avoid ‘nip slip’.

The 17-year old actress, singer, and model tried to conceal her nipples by placing an electrical tape beneath her very revealing black tank tops during her stint at the Download Festival in Leicestershire,  central England.

Momsen, who started modeling, under the IMG Models label, at the tender age of fourteen is known to have a controversial bone in her. No wonder, the decision to cover up came as a surprise to some fashion insider. She has been under fire for her racy outfits before but the blonde vocalist of the rock band Pretty Reckless is unfazed. She has been very vocal in her interviews before that she “doesn’t want to be a role model for the youth”.

Careful T, the life of a queen bee can be pretty ugly when the going gets tough. It is still prudent to not aggravate the people who supported you when you were still a nobody. – Gossip Girl.

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