Ricki Lake Wanted to Quit DWTS


Ricki Lake is fast becoming one of the front-runners of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ season 13 and she is starting to buckle under the tremendous pressure.

At one point she even wanted to quit the show, after having a hard time mastering her and Derek Hough’s routine for the week.

During Monday’s episode of DWTS, the TV host nearly broke down while rehearsing with pro partner and three-time champ Hough.

“I feel a tremendous amount of pressure. Has anyone ever quit the show?”, Lake surmises.

“I am going to have a breakdown. I just can’t do it. It’s just very confusing for me. I am not getting it. I want to quit. Like I totally want to quit — and I am not a quitter.”, she continues to rant.

But, despite her initial frustration during rehearsals, Lake’s determination to keep going paid off. Her Psycho tango impressed the judges who awarded her with the highest score of the night: 29 out of 30.

This was the third consecutive week that Lake and Hough outperformed their competitors, and became the first couple of the season to earn two 10s from the judges.

After hearing of the judges’ positive feedback, Lake said she regretted wanting to give up so easily. “The highs are so high and the lows are pretty low. I’m relieved!”, she explained.

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