Shamcey Supsup’s Sport and Edgy Look For Miss Universe


Philippines’ representative for the 2011 Miss Universe,Bb. Pilipinas winner, Shamcey Supsup gears herself to perfection in time for the much awaited beauty pageant all over the world.

The Architecture graduate,who actually came in first in the licensure examination for architect, Supsup chopped her gorgeous locks and tried a new and edgy look on her photo shoot for the upcoming competition to be held in Brazil.

Shamcey Supsup donned a sporty wig as part of her Miss Universe portfolio.

Moreover,as also part of her preparation for the competition, Shamcey revealed the rigorous beauty training she is undertaking and that includes following a strict diet-not to lose weight,but to add extra pounds to her statuesque physique.

“I have to drink milk twice a day. I have to eat more protein or less carbs. Pero I still eat rice. I think I’ve gained weight already. From 105 lbs, I’m now 112 lbs. They want me to gain more like siguro mga 3 lbs na lang,” she said.

Despite the pressure and the stress she gets with her training regimen,Supsup revealed she remains inspired and motivated because of the support she receives from her friends.

“The training is stressful. But what makes it more bearable is having friends with you. Nakakatuwa. Kahit ako ang unang ipapadala, lahat sila kasama. Kasama ko sila sa Spanish class, kasama ko sila sa Portguese class, sa gym. Ang mga kasama ko sila ang nagpapagaan ng lahat ng trainings ko,” she said.

Supsup said that she is nervous and excited about the pageant.

“Yung excitement at kaba magkahalo na. But then I always tell myself na you just keep your faith and if it’s God’s will, then it will be given to you as you long as you’re ready for it,” Supsup said.

Venus Raj, the former Bb. Pilipinas Miss Universe, bagged the 4th place on the last year’s competition. This is definitely a tough act to follow.However,Shamcey Supsup, will try to snatch a 3rd Miss Universe crown for the Philippines.

The Miss Universe 2011 pageant will kick off exactly a month from now, that’s on August 21 as over 80 candidates arrive in São Paulo, Brazil. The finals night is slated on September 12, 2011.

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