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Kim Kardashian Conquers Dubai


Kim Kardashian did not have to go into Genghis Khan mode to conquer a country — all she had to do was fly in ‘Sex and the City’ style.

Kardashian arrived in Dubai Wednesday morning with her mom-ager, Kris Jenner, while new husband Kris Humphries stayed in the United States.

Even before touching down at the Dubai International Airport around 9:30am, Kim was already tweeting, “Serious Sex and the City swag going on on this airplane to Dubai! The best plane I’ve ever been on!”

Upon her arrival, the reality star and her mother was escorted through the VIP area of the airport and was driven to the Atlantis Hotel.

“My hotel is so insane. I’m obsessed with Dubai!”, she tweeted some more.

A source also told ‘Us Weekly’ that Kardashian had “more than 50 gifts waiting for her in her suite” like a special Kim Kardashian cupcake set and dresses made by local designers.

What is with all the gifts? “Every business in the UAE wants to work with her. So there’s a lot of sucking up going on!”, says the source.

Kardashian and Jenner are in Dubai to attend the ‘Millions of Milkshakes’ store opening at The Dubai Mall, where she will unveil her own “Kim Shake.” The “Kim Shake” will reportedly be the most expensive milkshake in the world.

[If that milkshake will give me her body in an instant, I’d buy it no matter how much it costs! But, of course, it won’t, so good luck selling that ‘most expensive’ milkshake in the world.]

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