Gore and Mystery In Walking Dead Season 2 Opener


The highly anticipated Season 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead premiered on Sunday following a successful 6-part first season. The 13-part second season of the unexpectedly popular zombie apocalypse picked from where the survivors left in season one.

In the season opener, we see former Deputy Sherriff Rick Grimes lead his family fellow survivors out of Atlanta as they look for a safer place to live in. Dale’s RV breaks down right on the interstate and the group starts checking out the vehicles stuck on the road. Just as the team has started gathering supplies, Dale and Rick spots a herd of walkers coming out of the rubble of abandoned vehicles.

Zombies chase Sophia Peletier (played by Madison Lintz) into the woods and she never returns to her group. This is where more gore ensues as Rick and resident bad boy Daryl Dixon kill and cut open a zombie just to check if it had Sophia for a meal. Good thing it was relatively tamed down for TV.

The season opener ends with an unknown gunman shooting Carl Grimes. With how the first episode begins and ends, this should play a major factor in the rest of the episodes.

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