The Verdict On ‘Footloose’ Reboot


The remake of the 1984 classic ‘Footloose’ did not do any better than the original movie. Kevin Bacon starred in the the original version along with Lori Singer, John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Chris Penn in a story of a city boy who moves into a small town that prohibits rock music and dancing.

In the 2011 remake, Kenny Wormald takes the place of Bacon as Ren McCormack. Ren moves out from Boston to a small town in Georgia wherein a recent tragedy that resulted to the death of a group of teenagers drove a clampdown on partying, rock music and dancing.

Wormald is a better dancer than Bacon but his acting needs more work. While the original lead star had to use dancing doubles in some scenes, Kevin Bacon was the more convincing actor to portray the rebellious McCormack character.

McCormack’s love interest Ariel Moore played by Julianne Hough is also a professional dancer. Hough comes across as Jennifer Anniston’s younger sister and it could be a good thing for the male moviegoers. Together, Wormald and Hough looked better and were technically better dancers than the original actors but they did not seem to have the chemistry and acting ability to portray the lead characters.

The intent to remake ‘Footloose’ may have been to expose today’s generation to the 1984 cult favorite but it failed to capture that vibe despite practically recreating each scene exactly as it was. Musical score may have been tweaked to catch up with the times but it did not help the film’s cause.

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