Kate Gosselin Never Shops Without Coupons


Times are indeed hard, with the economy still in a slump. But, before you complain about your plight, try multiplying that eight times over.
Yup, if you think times are hard, try having eight kids and maybe you will feel a bit better about how your life or the economy is right now.

That is Kate Gosselin’s plight after their show, ‘Kate Plus 8’, aired its last episode in September. Now, Gosselin finds herself going the coupon route to try to scrape a few buck off the things she needs to buy.

Gosselin was spotted last week, stocking up on essentials at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Reading, PA, and she had money-saving coupons with her.

“I’ve never shopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond WITHOUT coupons! I’ve returned with my receipt and a coupon many times, even when ‘not broke.’ LOL!”, Gosselin tweeted on Friday.

Asked during her final show what was next for her, the single mom sighed and laughed, “I hope I have a job! I don’t know what’s next.”

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