Steve Martin, Jack Black And Owen Wilson Star In ‘The Big Year’


Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson team up in the latest comedy film ‘The Big Year’. There may be mixed reviews of the film that paying moviegoers can be swayed into either direction. The expectations are high considering that the film stars three actors with great comedic timing. However, ‘The Big Year’ failed to fully exploit its talented trio of comedians.

Martin plays Stu Preissler, a rich businessman out to prove that he is the best birdwatcher in an annual bird watching event by logging the most number of rare species in a year. Black plays Brad Harris, a computer geek while Wilson plays Kenny Bostick who both get in the way of Stu to become the best bird watcher on a Big Year. The Big Year refers to 1988 when the El Nino phenomenon forced a huge number of bird species flying to North America.

In the end, this typical buddy movie teaches everyone a lesson that there is more to life than just winning. While the cast fell short in the expected comedic results, the lessons learned make ‘The Big Year’ a good film for the family.

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