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Ashton Kutcher on a Fund raising Event Without Demi Moore


Ashton Kutcher is putting on a brave face when he attended a fund raising event called “Decade of Difference” that was organized by former president of the United States Bill Clinton. He arrived solo without his wife Demi Moore on Hollywood bowl last Saturday.Kutcher and Moore’s split – up is one of the highlight of this years news.

Just last month a 23 year old girl named Sara Leal made a declaration that she and Kutcher had a one night stand in a San Diego hotel room on Sept. 23 which is by the way Ahston and Demi’s 6th year anniversary. A source also told Star Magazine that the couples relationship is over and that they have already separated. They have been going to Kaballah to receive marriage counselling over the summer however it seems like it did not work out since they are already living separately.

Last Tuesday, a moving truck was seen pulling out on their home. Kutcher still managed to smile despite the said problem and spoke abut the foundation that he and his wife created which is called “My DNA Foundation”. He is still wearing his wedding ring in this event. This is not the first time of rumors spreading out about Ashton being a cheater, but I guess this time is for real.

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