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Demi & Ashton Still Wear Their Wedding Rings


When Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were spotted going solo on different occasions, rumors flew like wildfire that they are indeed headed for splitsville — especially when a moving truck was recently spotted leaving their Los Angeles abode.

But, get this, although they might be going their separate ways for a couple of events since the news of Kutcher’s sex scandal with 22-year old, Sara Leal broke out, Demi and Ashton were also spotted still wearing their wedding rings.

Demi for one walked the red carpet by herself at the premiere of her dramatic thriller ‘Margin Call’ at the Landmark Sunshine theater in downtown Manhattan wearing a printed red sheath dress —and her wedding ring from Kutcher.

Moore’s husband Ashton, also went solo by making his first official post-scandal appearance over the weekend by presenting solo at Bill Clinton’s “Decade of Difference” concert cum fundraiser — appearing to be wearing his wedding ring as well.

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