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Emma Watson Goes to Oxford After Hogwarts


Now that the Hogwarts School of Magic has finally and permanently closed shop and all wizards and witches have been sent home to resume their ‘normal’ lives, Hermione Grander a.k.a Emma Watson finds herself another great school to continue her quest for higher learning.

Watson has started her junior year at Oxford University in Oxford, England. And, although she is still technically enrolled at Brown University, she is considered to be spending her third year studying ‘abroad’ — in her native country. Watson will then “return to Brown to complete my last year.”

To prove that she means business by going back to school, and probably to inspire her fans as well to take their studies seriously, Emma posted a note on her blog to let her fans know that she will be missing in action and away from the public eye to focus on her studies in the coming months.

She wrote, “You might not hear from me for a while because I will be really busy studying, but I wanted to just say hi and goodbye.”
“Hope you all like ‘My Week with Marilyn’. “I’ll keep you posted on ‘The Perks of Being a Wallfower’!” she adds.

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