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After a long hiatus from the entertainment halls in South Korea, Wonder Girls are very much anticipated by their fans with their scheduled comeback in November.

JYPE, the girls’ entertainment company, has given a sneak peek about the girls preparation for their upcoming album and of course,their thoughts about their imminent competition with the Nation’s girl group,Girls’ Generation.

Last October 17th, JYPE stated, “It’d be a lie if we said we’re not stressing over SNSD’s comeback. But because we’ll be standing in front of everyone after such a long period away, we’re concentrating more on bringing out a quality album.”

Moreover,after their huge success on their previous hits which the girls sported the-ever-perennial- retro -look, the agency confirmed that the girls are-at long last, won’t be sporting the obscure and obsolete retro concept. As seen in their hits 2008 “Tell Me” “Nobody” and 2010 not-so successful hit single,”2Different Tears”, the five-member girl group has been seen in the same concept.

For the devoted fans of the group,this may seem as typical Wonder Girls concept,but to the entire Kpop industry-who lives on fresh,new,eccentric and refreshing concepts per single, Wonder Girls retro concept is not that of a shocker. Hence,the company assured that Wonder Girls are looking away from the classic retro look.

Moreover,the company also state,while the girls have been in hiatus, they are meticulously choosing their tracks and were busy recording while traveling back and forth between Korea and United states.

“The members produced a lot of tracks while they were in the States. Even though they returned to Korea last week, they’re still very focused on their recordings. The title track will be very different from the ‘retro’ concept. We will be revealing a new image to the Wonder Girls,” said the representative.

JYPE also decided to steer from the usual-Wonder Girls’ look, lies lies in how the group’s entire album will be installed in their upcoming U.S. movie, “The Wonder Girls at the Apollo”. The tracks were cautiously chosen not only for the movie but also considering U.S market.

Wonder Girls are set to comeback stage in November,but no definite date has been officially announced.The girls,as of this moment,are still in the process of selecting the album’s remaining songs.

“Since it’s the first album to be released after such a long time, we’re putting a lot of care into each and every song. We will work to bring out a great album and show an awesome image on a perfect stage. We ask for your support.”

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