Girls’ Generation Is Back With “The Boys”


South Korea’s nation girl group is back with a vengeance!

Girls’ Generation a.k.a So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) is back in their South Korean roots after their major stint and success in the Land of the
Rising Sun,Japan.

It has been a year since Girls’ Generation has released Hoot;left South Korea and pursued international success in the Japanese market.

Now,all the nine beautiful and talented girls of Girls’ Generation is back!





More beautiful and confident!

With more fluid choreography and unforgettable sound.The girls will surely,once again, conquer your senses as they unleash a new side of them in their new song entitled:” The Boys”

Prior to the official release of The Boys’ MV, the girls have released four sets of teaser videos that has made everyone giddy with anticipation.

With 10 super hits into their belt,there’s nothing Girls’ Generation will do that will make us turn away.Addiction imminent,as the girls steered away from their usual girly theme concepts and put much emphasis on their strong vocals and performance level.

Without further ado, check out “The Boys” below!

Girls’ Generation ????_THE BOYS_Music Video (KOR ver.)

Girls’ Generation ????_THE BOYS_Music Video (ENG ver.)

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