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Shia LaBeouf In Bar Brawl


Transformers star Shia LaBeouf may have spent too much time working with director Michael Bay. He may have seen a role model in his director for three Transformers films that he has also been displaying fits of anger lately.

In between filming for his new movie ‘The Company You Keep’, LaBeouf recently figured in a bar brawl at the Cinema Public House in Vancouver. It was reported that the actor reacted to insults from an unnamed bar patron. A crew member recounted that LaBeouf could have ignored the man but he did not let it pass. LaBeouf followed the man out on the street and things heated up before friends came in the way to break things down.

Observers say that the actor may be emulating Michael Bay’s behavior that he even uses the “same insults as Michael when he’s putting someone down”.

This is totally different from the characters that LaBeouf has played in previous films. While his celebrity status exposes him to unruly behavior from fans and haters alike, LaBeouf should learn to manage his emotions and not let anyone get under his skin. That is the price you have to pay for being famous.

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