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Heather Mills Sued by Hairdresser for Non-payment


What happened to Paul McCartney’s millions that she received in their divorce settlement?

Knowing that Heather Mills received approximately $38 million from her former Beatle ex-husband, it is hard to believe that she has just been sued for non-payment of $80,000 by a former hairdresser.

But, per court papers filed by David Miramontes, who works under the name David Paul, Mills had been remiss in her payment of his hairdressing fees.

Los Angeles hairdresser, Miramontes claims the former reality TV show contestant failed to pay as much as $80,000 as she pursued stardom in Hollywood. He claims in the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday that he worked for Mills starting in 2005 and quit in 2008 after she repeatedly failed to pay him, saying she had no money until her divorce from the former Beatle was finalized.

According to Miramontes Mills started avoiding him December of 2008, after her divorce was finalized. He said he prepared an invoice for $80,000, but it has yet to be paid.

Miramontes charged as much as $5,000 per haircut for an out of office appointment, according to his lawsuit.
Mills nor her representative could not be reached for comment as of late Tuesday.

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