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Leo DiCaprio Mistaken for a Thief


You know how Hollywood celebrities try to go incognito when they are out and about in public? Most of them wear unflattering sweats, dark glasses, a cap or a hooded shirt. You get the picture, right?

Unfortunately, this also makes them look like that thug standing around the corner ready to prance on the next unsuspecting victim or the dreaded thief that victimizes shop owners.

So, when Sydney’s ‘The Family Jewel’ store saleslady saw someone come in fitting the description and acting like he was avoiding eye contact with people– the first thing that jumped out of her mind is possible ‘jewel thief’.

But, it was really Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor turned up at the store to check out some bling.

Shop owner Kane Kelfkens told Splash News, “We saw a hooded figure come in with dark glasses and [my sales assistant Linda] thought, ‘Oh boy, this is serious.’ So, she rushed next door and said, ‘There might be a hold up next door. “[She] realized that Leo was the man under the hood. He’d taken off his glasses and she relaxed.”

Kane related that Linda even joked with Leo about the mistaken identity saying, “She actually had a bit of a joke with him about thinking that he might have been a thief. When he wanted to a look at one of the necklaces, she said, ‘Don’t you run out the door with that necklace.’”

Kane said Dicaprio was looking at a $1600 Nepalese antique necklace adorned with lapis lazuli and coral for his mother.

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