Girls’ Generation With ‘The Boys” Dominates All Major Music Sites Including iTunes


Just hours after the release of their latest single, Girls’ Generation a.k.a So Nyeo Shi Dae is already dominating all major music sites.

Their new full length album entitled “The Boys” was released yesterday with the carrier track “The Boys”- which has an English version,has landed the first spot in Bugs,Melon, Dosirak,Naver and Daum.These are major music sites that caters to South Korean fans. Not only did they conquer the hearts of the South Koreans,as expected, the girls of SNSD also conquered the airwaves outside their country and even secured a spot in top 100 on iTunes Top 100 US Chart.

This is such a big fit for a non-English speaking artist!

Not only their carrier track landed a spot in the most downloadable and most requested in all music sites, other songs of Girls’ Generation-which is included in the album also secured top spot in those music sites mentioned above.Included on the list are, “Telepathy”, “Top Secret” and “Vitamin”.

The girls,once again, have proven their worth in the entertainment industry in South Korea and even in entire Asia. As anticipated, this latest album of the SNSD will pave their way to the American music industry.

Produced by the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s legendary producer Teddy Riley,is enough to make any music lover anticipate and expect much on this collaboration.

Plus,the artists themselves, girls’ Generation-with their fiercer dance moves, their more stunning new look and a whole different and better SNSD is also enough for this album to skyrocket-not just in US but perhaps, all the way to Pluto.

Kudos to Girls Generation.

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    wow!! GO SNSD!!! <3 IT!!!


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