AKB48 Meets With Press For ” Naruhdo!’


Japanese top girl group,just recently held a press gathering for their show “Naruhodo! High School“, which will be getting a renewal starting its October 20th broadcast.

The concept of the show,for those who are unfamiliar with it, “Naruhodo! High School” was originally a show where AKB48 members were asked different questions, and performed experiments to learn new things.

However,this new season ,there is also a new concept for the show. this time the members of AKB48 is tested on their powers of deduction and gut feeling as they try to recognize whether it is the truth or bluff. They will try to uncover if it is indeed the truth by testing to see if it is ‘gachi’ (truth) or ‘gase’ (fake).there will also be a new segment titled: ‘Ninki Bunkajun Naruhdo gachi Kensho’ where the members will try to inspect their guests specialists’ ability. How would they do that? That I do not know!!

When AKB producer Akimoto Yasushi was mentioned as a person they want to inspect, Maeda Atsuko commented, “AKB alone has 300 songs. I want to know when he writes all these songs, and I want to see if he really writes them himself.” Takahashi also added, “Let’s have him write it here.”

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