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Hannah Montana’s Side Kick Got Caught of Drunk Driving


Mitchel Musso who is also known as Oliver Ken on Disney Channel’s Hanna Montana was pulled over by L.A traffic police in the suburb of Burbank because of DUI or driving while under the influence of a liquor or sometimes called DWI (driving while intoxicated).

He was arrested on Sunday morning when Musso has failed to slow down when coming to the intersection. Burbank Police Sgt. Sean Kelly verified it to E! News. He added that Musso did not follow the arresting officer’s instruction and was pulled over. A DUI, DWI investigation was held and a field test was given to him at that time. He was arrested at around 3:43 in the morning and was taken to jail. He can go out of the prison but needs to pay $5,000 bail.

Kelley added that Musso just spent few hours in the jail and was then was allowed to leave without having to pay the bail because he had no warrants or anything like that.

Musso started his career in 2004 when he debuted in Secondhand Lions together with his brother. He then released an album in 2009. He is also best know as Jeremy Johnson in the animated series Phineas and Ferb and also in Pair Kings as King Brady.

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