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Lindsay Lohan Facing 5th Stint in Jail


Don’t know what it is with Lindsay Lohan and jail, but the actress seems ever willing to spend time behind bars every single time she gets the opportunity to get a judge to throw her back in.

Could it be that Lohan knows she will not be staying in jail for a long-time — a couple of times she had been released after spending less than a week in jail due to jail overcrowding.

Or, maybe Lindsay likes the solace that a jail cell offers her — away from her dysfunctional family. On the flipside, maybe jail is just like her normal environment where she can get her prescription drugs, sneak out to get some alcohol here and there, so she is very much ‘at home’ even behind bars.

Whatever is Lohan’s reason for always risking being slapped with jail time, she might just be back inside for the fifth time.

Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked Lohan’s probation after finding out about her inability to comply with the requirement of service 360 hours at the women’s center. Reports say she was terminated after showing up a couple of ‘short’ times, saying the experience was not ‘fulfilling’.

Oh, that definitely got Judge Sautner’s goat. She said probation or community service was not meted out to “fulfill the defendant”, that probation is a gift, not a right that Lindsay could demand or abuse.
Thus, Lindsay Lohan was hauled away in handcuffs, pending the posting of a $100,000 bail, which she did a few hours after.

Lohan is expected to be back in court on November 2, where Judge Sautner will decide to throw her back in jail or not.

For her sake, I hope she gets jail time, lots of it and none of that ‘released early due jail overcrowding’ crap. She needs to take the law seriously so she will not just wantonly break it.

And, what’s with the garish makeup? A pity plea?

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