Kelly Osbourne: “I was never that fat”


Looks like the ‘fat’ is now on somebody else’s body.

And, that somebody wearing the fat-suit now is receiving all the crap she allegedly used to dish out at somebody else who used to be fat. Hence, the bullied is now the bully.

Yup, tables have indeed turned and ‘E! Fashion Police’ host Kelly Osbourne who used to be fat is now taking a whack at Christina Aguilera who is the new ‘fat’ one.

Reports have it that Christina used to slam Osbourne for being a ‘heavyweight’ back when she was almost stick thin and posing naked for magazine covers.

Now that Christina seems to have lost the handle on her weight, thanks to reported alcohol and food binges, Osbourne is the one slamming Aguilera these days for being overweight.

Osbourne lost 21kg while competing on the dance reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in 2009 and has successfully kept off the excess pounds until now.

“She called me fat for years. I was never that fat,” Radar Online quoted Osborne as saying. This is the second time Osbourne threw a big one against Aguilera.

“She called me fat for so many years. So you know what? Big deal! You’re fat too,” Osbourne was quoted as saying in September.

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