Limited Ink Barbie Causes Uproar


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Barbie, is the perfect blonde, all-American beauty -whom most of the ladies out there would want to emulate.A total epitome of beauty, grace,sophistication,elegance ,etc..Name all beautiful adjectives and Barbie has it including a gorgeous boyfriend!She’s everything every woman dreams to be like!

However, the latest Barbie doll released by Mattel and the Italy-based brand Tokidoki,has a new concept of the modern “Barbie”. this time around Barbie chops her long locks into a bob dyes her blonde hair into pink!Not only that Barbie has also succumb to the bandwagon Angelina Jolie has set trend-that is to have body art.

Yes,tattoos! the latest pink-haired Barbie has tattoos across her left arm,neck and chest!She also dons a very modern ensemble of oversized black assymetrical shirt,leopard-print leggings with a matching bag to complete the entire look.a How cool is that!Plus, she got a new pet dog called “Bastardino”.

Barbie sure has transformed into rock,bad-ass lady!

Moreover,this so-called Barbie-shocker caused an uproar amongst their defense, Barbie is supposed to be a role model,someone little girls would look up to and definitely an inked bad-ass punk,Barbie is not the idea of inspirational model to these parents.

Coming from a different stand view, I think this new Barbie look is amazing understand where the parents are coming from, but they shouldn’t rely on Barbie to be their little daughters’ role model. Their teachings and actions should primarily be the one that would mold their kid.

There are also radical kids out there who cringe on the thought of wearing heels and other girly stuff.there are also little girls out there that are exposed to the Bronx side and would want to look up to something or someone that reflect their way of life. I mean not all little girls out there have this refined attitude, not all girls want to wear clothes straight from London Fashion week. There are little girls out there who want to be emo and bad-ass. Definitely,this new Barbie is the other Barbie that these little girls would look up to.

There are different Barbies available in the market ranging from the Posh,sporty,to elegant and fashionista Barbie.I think it is about time to have a bad-ass Barbie!

This new Barbie is only a limited edition and is only $50 apiece, this greater acceptance of an inked Barbie is probably down to the fact Mattel has already manufactured a tatted Barbie. In 1999, Butterfly Art Barbie was withdrawn from stores after parents complained. In 2009, the company released Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie, a doll with removable sticker tattoos that some people found a tittersome use for. When people complained about the latter, Mattel remained ingrained.

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