Girls’ Generation Wannabe?


Piracy is a crime punishable by law.different agencies all over the world continuously strengthen their fight against contrabands. Designer bags, clothes,movies,music,perfume, shoes,etc.The queue doesn’t stop there.However,what is surprising, even people ,celebrities to be specific,can also be pirated.

On the 15th of October, a pirated Girls’ Generation appeared in Taiwanese airwaves,only they sing in Chinese.

“Super 7”-a Taiwanese girl, tagged as the “Taiwanese Girls’ Generation” released their music video for their latest single ” Mai Luo Suo”(???).

Girls’ Generation released a track entitled “Hoot” with a 007 retro theme and thigh high boots. Though the two songs were no near from each other, but one of the set of costumes in the Hoot’s music video was copied.

In the controversial music video, the seven girls of “Super 7” sported costumed copied from Girls’ Generations “Hoot” concept. From the style of their costumes, to the color and some details and down to the thigh high boots.

In Girls’ Generation’s vid, the nine girls sported same themed,same colored outfits with matching thigh high boots,however, their costumes are slightly different-some with sleeves some don’t have.

Fans of the South Korean girl group were enraged with the copycats and were vocal with their disapproval with “Super 7”.

You judge,who wore it better. Here’s Super7 music video.

Here’s Girls’ Generation “Hoot” performance

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