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Kim Kardashian’s Bollywood Plans on Hold


Could there really be trouble in the barely two-month old paradise Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries created for themselves when they got married last August — and this is the reason why Kim’s plans to break into Bollywood are now in the backburner?

According to sources, Kardashian got in touch with Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s staff for a conference call to be set up between her and the actor. But, after news broke out that her marriage is on the rocks, there has been no further calls from the Hollywood reality star.

“SRK’s staff got a call from one of Kim’s managers, asking to set up a conference call with the actor. But, after that there’s been absolute silence from their side. We just got to know that she might be getting divorced from her husband,” says a source.

News from the Hollywood front say that Kim is consulting top divorce lawyers for a possible separation from Kris. According to reports there are several allegations of philandering against Humphries and Kim is not in the mood to forgive him.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh has a lot on his plate as well.

“Shah Rukh doesn’t have any time to meet or even discuss anything till Diwali. Post which, he has two more projects to shoot for. In a way, there is no time till March next year. But for that there needs to be a follow-up from their side. We will have to wait till she’s able to tide through her current personal crisis,” says a source close to the actor.

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