Lee Hyori Poses For Cosmopolitan


Asian singer,Lee Hyori dazzled the sight in London as she poses for the ‘Cosmopolitan” magazine.

The talented singer looks an every inch a high fashion model as sports a dark,romantic look to match the somber Fall season.Dark stockings,checkered jackets, pearl necklaces,ornate rings,plus her thick bob and dark lipstick send off an elegant vibe to the photo spread as well as the romantic and picturesque London view.

The entire fashion team from Cosmopolitan flew from South Korea to London for this pictorial.

The Cosmopolitan crew revealed their easy pace working with the singer.The staff say, Lee Hyori was extremely professional,taking extra care of the styling. Thanks to her relaxed posing, Lee Hyori gave off an alluring charm that caused many netizens to praise Lee Hyori as a ‘duchess’ in this pictorial.

The photospread will be featured on Cosmo’s November issue.

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