Johnny English Reborn Reviewed


Rowan Atkinson reprises his role as a fumbling international spy in ‘Johnny English Reborn’. The first film ‘Johnny English’ was released in 2003, making over $160-million worldwide. However, only $28-million of these earnings came from the United States indicating that the Englishman’s humor does not appeal to the American market.

There could be many reasons why Johnny English has not connected with the American audience. Atkinson’s character is someone trying to be James Bond, Austin Powers and Inspector Jacques Clouseau all rolled into one. Perhaps the intent is good but the delivery was not.

In this latest film, Johnny English comes out of retirement to save the Chinese Premier from an assassination plot. The plot is quite predictable as is the rest of the story. The characters may have different names but the audience can associate them with other characters in past spy films.

‘Johnny English Reborn’ will rake in the money from somewhere else but it is unlikely to score big in the States. Lead star Rowan Atkinson may have won some loyal fans from his Mr. Bean days and they could be the same audience likely to watch this film.

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