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Halle Berry’s Home Intruder Finally Identified And Arrested


For quite a number of days, famous Hollywood actress Halle Berry has been terrified by an intruder in her Hollywood house. The man jumped over the actress’ wall twice and stared at the actress through the kitchen window. The first incident was reported last Saturday, July 9. The unidentified man was seen lurking around her front lawn and was able to leave the place before the police arrived to catch him.

The intruder returned the next day at around 11am and this time he hopped over the front fence and observed the actress from the kitchen window.

At long last, Monday evening at around 11:15pm, the intruder was busted just within Berry’s neighborhood. This is according to what Sergeant Hoops of the LAPD Hollywood Division told ET. They also added that Berry positively identified the person. He is a 27-year-old Hispanic male named Richard Franco. A charge of two counts of felony was filed against him then. The case is bailable but the amount is not yet determined. Since the charges were severe, the suspect will just expect a higher amount of bail.

The “Frankie and Alice” actress can now live her life peacefully after what happened. The suspect was believed to be an “obsessed fan” of the actress.

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