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Tara Reid’s Marriage Revelation


American Pie actress Tara Reid is again in the headlines now as she revealed that she was never really married.

The 35-year-old actress dropped a bomb last August when she announced that she and businessman, Zack Kehayov got married after an hour of engagement. The couple’s wedding ceremony was held on the beach and she happily tweeted “Just got married in Greece, I live being a wife!”

So now everyone is shock with her confession. She was asked by TMZ correspondent if they could win “The Newlywed game”, without hesitation she uttered, “We would lose … we were never really married, it was never legal.” Tara hasn’t make any clarifications yet on the said statement but her representatives are not denying it nor confirming it neither.

In June 2001, Reid and long time boyfriend Carson Daly broke of their engagement. She had a relationship with Michael Axtman, an internet entrepreneur from Nuremberg. Axtman proposed to her in Los Angeles and had planned to have an intimate ceremony in summer of 2010. However, it was reported that her relationship with Axtman ended and called the wedding off. Late last year Reid dated Danish businessman Michael Lillelund. A news came out on August 14 this year that she was married to the said person in Greece and one of her representatives confirmed it. But Lillelund denied it stating that he’s not seeing Reid since February. It was later confirmed that she was married to Zachary Kehayov.

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