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Robert Pattinson Fame Paranoia and Disappointments


Twilight heartthrob ROBERT Pattinson feels being famous has its own downside!

The 25-year-old actor says being famous makes him feel like a spy! He reveals in his recent interview with Holland’s Fancy Magazine that he had taken extra precautions when he does just about anything.

“Being famous is very cool! I travel a lot, I meet very nice people… But it also has some downsides,” Rob explains in the new addition of Holland’s Fancy magazine.

“I’m searching for a home in London at the moment. While viewing the house, lots of strange thoughts popped up in my mind. Can paparazzi park their cars in front of this house? Are strange fans able to camp on my pavement? I think like a spy or a secret agent and that’s pretty weird.”

On the other note,Rob-who plays as the dashing vampire Edward Cullen,reveals his disappointment on the last days of filming the over rated Twilight franchise.

The actor says he thought there would be at least of a round of applause when he wrapped his last scene with on and off screen lover Kristen Stewart — but no one was bothered.

“The wolves actually wrapped the whole movie so our bit was such an anti-climax because it was the end of a week of night shoots,” says Robert.

“But they had the last ever day the next day. So when it was our last bit no one clapped or anything.”

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