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No Marriage or Pregnancy for Jennifer Aniston


Ever since A-list Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston started dating again after her divorce from A-list Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, she has been the subject of unceasing wedding and pregnancy rumors with and by any man she was spotted with.

Her current relationship with Justin Theroux is no exception, for once again wedding and pregnancy rumors are buzzing around Jennifer Aniston.

But, unfortunately none of the rumors are true. There is no marriage or pregnancy in the horizon for the ‘Horrible Bosses’ star and she has already spoken out to put the issues to rest.

“Rumour number one: I am not planning to get married any time soon,” the Syndey Morning Herald quoted her as telling Hello! magazine during a press conference to promote her directorial debut, Five.

About being engaged or getting married, Aniston said that although she wears several rings, none of them are engagement ones because another trip down the aisle in not in her near future.

“I’ve been married once, and I don’t know if I’ll get married again,” she shared. “But I can tell you that as of this very moment, I have no plan to get married. Got that?”

“And rumour number two: No, we’re not pregnant. It’s just I quit smoking, so I’ve gained a couple of pounds,” she added.

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