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Michael Lohan Back in Jail After Release


Michael Lohan is in and out of jail — then went back in again. Well, not that he willingly did so. As a matter of fact Lohan even jumped off a third floor balcony, all of 34 feet above the ground just to avoid getting arrested yet again. Unfortunately, police caught up with him.

So, the estranged father of beleaguered actress Lindsay Lohan (do problems with the law run in their family?) is back in police custody just hours after being released from a Tampa jail due to domestic violence charges filed by live-in girlfriend Kate Major.

According to reports Tampa police responded to a 911 call from Major early Thursday. Major told police Lohan made a harassing phone call to her shortly after being released from jail on Wednesday.

Just as luck would have it, Lohan called again while police were at Major’s condo. But, Lohan insisted he had not threatened Major.

The police did not buy Lohan’s story and got an arrest warrant and went to the hotel where he was staying.

According to police report, Lohan spotted them and tried to hide before jumping off a 34-foot high balcony in an escape attempt. Officers apprehended him minutes later.

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