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Wahlburgers Now Open to Dining Clients


Hollywood actor and ‘The Fighter’ star Mark Wahlberg has just teamed up with elder brothers Donnie and Paul to open a hamburger restaurant within the vicinity of their neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts.

‘Wahlburgers’, a burger joint named after a slight tweaking of their family name, opened early this week red-carpet style boasting of special recipes from Paul who aside from being co-owner also doubles as the head chef.

The restaurant’s menu boasts of some secret recipes from Paul who likened dining experience customers will have to that of eating at home with the Wahlbergs themselves.

This new baby of the Wahlberg brothers (they also have other restaurants and business ventures) can seat up to 120 burger fanatics who can gaze at the photos of Mark, Donnie and Paul while waiting for their orders.

‘Wahlburgers’ had a soft opening on Monday night but only to cater to family and friends, and had its officially opening on Tuesday to delight curious dining clients eager to try their burger concoctions.

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