Kris Humphries Continues Partying Ways


Kris Humphries adamantly refuses to keep up with Kim Kardashian’s work ethic, insisting on his partying ways while his missus almost literally works her ass off.
And, despite Kim’s annoyance, their big fight before her birthday, her dagger looks at the sidelines of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and Kris Jenner’s pronouncements that they are not getting along at all, Kris Humphries continues to party.
What’s more, he has found a new BFF to share his partying ways — Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino.
A source told ‘Us Weekly’ that Humphries and Guadagnino had a “boys night out” last Tuesday at STK in L.A. The duo, without Kardashian “seemed to be in good spirits,” the source adds.
Humphries is currently out of (basketball) work due to the NBA lockout. But, instead of suiting up and playing for teams abroad, the way other NBA players are doing to supplement their income, Kris Humphries is partying his days away, much to his new wife’s consternation.
A friend sums it up, “On some levels, she feels like she made a mistake.”
Let’s hope Kim Kardashian was really wise enough to have a pre-nup. Otherwise, it will be one costly divorce for her.

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