SNSD Taeyeon’s Life Problems-Hair Fall and Eyelids


Having popularity and everything that goes with it may seem to be living in utopia,having no problems and concerns that any mere citizen usually face.

For normal citizens, it is quite impossible to imagine what are the concerns of the rich and the famous. They have the money to afford things and they have connections to make their lives easier.

However,for SNSD leader Kim Taeyeon,after having conquered the music industry with her group Girls’ Generation in several parts of the world and earned millions from their sold-out concerts and CD sales and so on and so forth, her problems are somewhat petty for those poverty-stricken individual, still, its problem all the same.

The 22-year-old Asian superstar is currently facing some concerns on her own. Her major concern is about her thinning mane and her double eye-lids.

On a recent broadcast of a popular entertainment program,Taeyeon revealed her concerns on a life graph. She jotted down some of her life’s basic information such as her weight and height,as well as her concerns on her brain map.

In her lists of concerns include, the promotion of their new track,”The Boys”, cleaning her room,having driver’s license,catching a cold, her group as a whole.What caught the attention of the viewers most especially were her problems concerning her hair fall and her recent weight loss that has prompted her eye-lids to be less noticeable.Taeyeon admitting concerns about her image revealed that she was an honest and genuine person who doesn’t try to hide the real person she is.

Wish I could trade places with her. I would just use hair fall shampoo and eat a lot!That would solve her concerns.However, I’m no Taeyeon and different people have different takes and notion about their respective lives.

Further, other SNSD members also shared their concerns on the same show that went on air last October 27th episode of ‘Wide Entertainment News.

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