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Can Bipasha Basu Turn R Madhavan to a Fitness Addict


Bollywood actor R Madhavan has never been into the ‘six-pack abs’ frenzy that has infected other actors like a virus and until recently he is not even entertaining thoughts of jumping into the hotbod bandwagon.

Enter Bipasha Basu – a known fitness addict.

Madhavan will soon be working with Basu for a forthcoming film and he admits he is rather excited to be working with her.

The actor said, “Well apart from Bipasha being stunning and accomplished. She is a good friend and a fitness Diva. I am very eagerly looking forward to the shoot of the film.”

And, while it remains to be seen if Bipasha can indeed inspire Madhavan enough to convert him into a fitness addict like herself, he is already proving to be an inspiration for others with his efforts to make society a better place.

Madhavan believes in using his celebrity status for the greater good and recently he took a break from his busy schedule to go to the London Business School – and be a mason who lays bricks and tiles.
He, along with several other business leaders, is building a symbolic house to represent the 100,000 houses that will be built in India by 2015.

Madhavan shared, “When I was younger, I had these noble aspirations and believed I had the power to make a difference. I have been lucky enough to see the world but still only felt I was half the man I wanted to be. This is why I support the cause of Habitat for Humanity. I want to be that person to make a change.”

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