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A Somber Ashton, Sans Demi, Attends the GQ Gentleman’s Ball


A very different Ashton Kutcher was present at the GQ Gentleman’s Ball Last Wednesday night. Kutcher, who was being “awarded” for their charity, “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls”, was without his missus but came with his other date, rabbi Philip Berg.

The 33-year-old hunk actor, known for his wild and crazy ways, arrived at the Edison Ballroom in New York City in a rather low key fashion. According to reports, he was somber and pensive and seemed to be thinking of his beautiful wife the entire night. The Two and a Half Men star had his wedding ring on his finger and when a video presentation of him and his 48-year-old wife flashed on screen, Kutcher had his eyes fixed on the screen.

Kutcher, recently figured in a cheating scandal with 22-year-old Sara Leal, was quiet during dinner. He gently removed his yarmulke, showing his tousled locks, at the dinner table and perked up briefly. The former That 70s Show alumni then took the stage with his inspiring message.”Our global issues are getting tougher. A lot of the things we’re doing we can’t talk about, but I can promise you we’re fighting and we’re going to make a change, so that’s a little about what I’m working on,” said the Real Men Don’t Buy Girls Co-founder.

After his emotional speech, Kutcher went back to his seat and retreated to his lethargic world.

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