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LiLo’s Dad Arrested Again!


There is an old saying that goes “An Apple never falls far from the tree”. The Lohan family surely knows this better than anybody else.

TAMPA, Fla. — Just days after actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested for violating her probation, her 51-year-old dad followed. Michael Lohan, Lilo’s estranged father, was arrested early thursday morning after jumping from a third-floor balcony in an attempt to getaway from cops.

According to authorities, they received a 911 call from a woman, who was later identified as Kate Major, Michael’s 28-year-old girlfriend, who claimed she was being harassed.

Early this week, Michael Lohan was arrested on domestic violence charges against Major, former reporter for the star tabloid. Court documents stated that Michael had pushed Kate down multiple times during their daylong argument. He was released Wednesday morning on a $5,000 bail and was slammed with a restraining order with Major.

However, the former Celebrity rehab personality, contacted Kate hours after his release. According to reports, Michael asked his friend and trainer David Dominique to pick up his things at Major’s apartment. He then called her and ask to speak with Dominique but then later was pleading that they get back together. “He sounds extremely intoxicated,” Major told the 911 dispatcher minutes after she hung up on Michael. “He sounded very out of it. And I found out he was doing steroids,” she said. Major also told authorities that Michael had asked for a bag he hid in the bathroom.

Lohan is currently admitted to Tampa General Hospital for observation but will be transfer to jail upon release.

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