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Larry King Profited From Madoff Scheme


If there is one good thing that Bernard Madoff did its probably making radio and television host Larry King richer. The veteran journalist has just told the whole world that he had actually profited from the Bernie Madoff hocus-pocus scheme.

77-year-old King, considered as one of the premier broadcast interviewers in USA, has recently revealed to TV news show “Extra” that he was lucky enough to get back his $700,000 investment with Wall Street Scumbag Bernard Madoff and earned a little extra $300,000. The septuagenarian estimated that he took home almost $1,000,000.

His revelation came out in light of the recent Ruth Madoff interview. The general public, however, felt that it was an insensitive move from his part. Some netizens took to the internet their anger stating that the rest of the victims doesn’t need to hear how he not only got back his wealth but made an actual profit.

King, who retired from his decade long nightly interview TV program on CNN, Larry King Live believe that Ruth Madoff’s is pulling a stunt to help her daughter-in-law’s new book about her husband, Mark Madoff.

Mark Madoff committed suicide last year after struggling to come to terms with his father’s evil doings. He hanged himself with a dog leash on the anniversary of his father’s arrest. Ruth, on the hand, had confessed of having the same sentiments. In a CBS “60 Minutes” interview, she admitted to trying to kill themselves (Bernie) after telling her everything.

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