Leonardo DiCaprio Tends His Broken Heart With Model(s)


Straight from a very recent break-up with the Gossip Girl star,Blake Lively, LEONARDO DiCaprio is reportedly back in the dating arena.

Many might have rejoiced his break-up with Lively,however, their happiness is short-lived just as Leonardo is not available on the singles’ market!

The 36-year-old actor is dating model Madalina Ghenea. The Titanic box-office actor was seen entertaining the Romanian model/actress at a rented mansion in Sydney,Australia.

DiCaprio is currently filming “The Great Gatsby” and stays in the same rented mansion while he is in the country.

Australia’s Daily Telegraph revealed,Ghenea was seen apparently enjoying herself paddleboarding on the harbor just outside the waterfront property and later changed into a sexy bikini and joined Leonardo on the balcony.

What a tough competition there is to become Leonardo DiCaprio’s lady love! Right after his separation with his ex-girlfriend Blake for five moths, the actor was spotted,on different occasions though, with two other models.

Leo has been romancing the Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Alyce Crawford and is said to be charming the moons out on 20-year-old catwalk beauty Kendal Schuler – who recently separated from Australian Celebrity Apprentice contestant Didier Cohen.

“Leo has told her she can visit any time she likes as long as she keeps it low key. She has taken him up on that opportunity already a couple of times,” a source said.

“But she isn’t silly — she knows this isn’t serious and she is just enjoying the time with him.”

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