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Amy Winehouse’s Death Caused by Alcohol


British coroner Suzanne Greenaway ruled a decision last Wednesday about Amy Winehouse death. She called it “ death by misadventure” since Winehouse died of accidental alcohol poisoning after the latter decided to drink again after weeks of abstinence. The singer – songwriter died on July of this year with an empty vodka bottle in her room and deadly quantity of alcohol in her blood.

Winehouses’s family spokesman said that the jury’s decision really made them relieved. The investigation on her case was reopen yesterday and Pathologist Suhail Baithun told the court that they have seen a “very large quantity of alcohol”on her urine and blood samples. Baithun added that “such levels of alcohol intake could have stopped her breathing and sent her into coma.”

Dr. Romete, Amy’s physician stated that the singer had resumed drinking in the days before her death. She also added that, “She’s made tremendous efforts over the years,” and that alcohol has became the singer’s main problem after giving up drugs in 2008.

Winehouse struggle against substance abuse had draw a lot of media’s attention. She had admitted in one of her interviews that she’s having depression and eating disorders. In 2005, she went through heavy drinking, drug abuse and had violent mood swings. In 2007, pictures of her wearing only a bra and jeans appeared on the internet.

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