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Kate Major Faces Major Problem of Eviction


There is just no rest for the wicked, as the saying goes. And, there has been no rest for Kate Major as far as problems, rumors and police drama is concerned.

It all started with a call to the police allegedly because live-in boyfriend Michael Lohan has been violent against her. Lohan was arrested then released on a $10,000 bail.

Major called the police again after Lohan made threatening phone calls to her after he was released from jail. Police came to her rescue once more and got an arrest order to haul Lohan back to jail.
A chase ensued after Lohan jumped off a third floor balcony to evade arrest, but he was caught just the same.

So, you think everything will be okay now, right? Wrong. Because, after all the drama and press coverage that was given to what was happening in Kate Major’s life and in her apartment, she is now facing eviction.

Major has been served with an eviction notice from her apartment complex in Tampa, Florida, because her personal drama has resulted in too much negative publicity and chaos into her high-profile apartment. Her landlord has reportedly given her until November 1 to pack up.

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