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Stacy Francis,A Diva Without Fame


She maybe a great singer,can hit skyscraper notes and could bring out emotions in her song,but Stacy Francis is a budding diva to be unleashed.

Nicole Scherzinger,one of the judges in the talent reality show remarked,“She has all the talent but she will only be as great as her fears and insecurities and doubts.”

The X-Factor contestant, Stacy Francis look friendly and warm-hearted onscreen but behind her very beautiful voice comes a very rotten attitude!

However, it appears Francis is having a bitchy-time to overcome her “insecurities” with a stunning a grade A diva attitude!

According to a family member of one of the contestants say,”Stacy turns on the charm for the cameras, but off camera she’s a complete diva.”

“This week she had a show down screaming at one of the crew so loud that we could all hear it at the other side of the building,”the family member added in an interview with RadarOnline.com.

“If there is one contestant who has already let fame get to their head, it’s Stacy. The others are sick of it, she is snapping at them all the time and being like a bratty teenager, she even makes Whitney Houston look like an angel!”

“She needs to check her attitude at the door,” the source continues. “If she wants America to love her she’s gonna have to lose this diva act, and fast.

Meanwhile,Ms.Francis could careless with what others may be thinking as her focus is on the competition and her way to stardom, “I just want to be on stage,” Francis says. “It’s all I live and breathe for.”

Well,she better straighten up or else people will nip hert budding popularity in a bud.

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