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Metallica Organizer’s Arrested For Indian Gig


Metallica Organizer’s Arrested For Indian Gig – The US rock group, Metallica, has planned an Indian gig and unfortunately, their four organizers have been arrested after the show was called off. The band was supposed to have a concert in Delhi on Friday, but it was postponed after a security barrier has collapsed in front of the stage. Because of this, a lot of angry fans raided the stage and vandalized equipment.

On Sunday, police reported that four executives of DNA Entertainment Network were arrested because of fraud charges. According to the joint commissioner of police in Gurgaon, Alok Mittal, said to AFP news agency that a member of the public filed a complaint after DNA Entertainment Network refused to refund the ticket money.

Since the concert was postponed, reports suggest that some 25,000 people were waiting to watch the band when it was called off.

However, organizers tried to rearrange the show for the next day but unfortunately they were not able to acquire the required permit in due time. Metallica issued a statement saying they were informed that there was a serious question as to whether the show could proceed with regard to the safety of the concert audience.
The concert was supposed to be the band’s first show in India and was timed to tie in with the inaugural Indian Formula One Grand Prix.

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