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Carrie Fisher on Facelift and ElectroConvulsive Therapy


Pop Quiz for everyone. She was once a sex symbol. Clad in a skimpy golden metal bikini and chained by a humongous ogre. Thats right if your answer was Princess Leia Organa, also known as Carrie Fisher. But that was decades ago, today Princess Leia Organa or Ms. Carrie Fisher is better known as the plump spokeswoman for JennyCraig Inc.

Last August, Fisher surprised everyone with her slimmed down version. On Thursday, She confirmed that she had lost 50 pounds but was quick to defend that she did no go under the knife nor did she had a facelift.
“I read that I had a facelift!” Carrie told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Thursday’s Access Hollywood Live . the 55-year-old was quick to answer “No” when asked if she indeed went under the knife. The actress novelist, however, admits to having some work done on her lips but clarified that it was not implants.
“I don’t want to get those lip things, but I had my lip lines removed, so that’s why it looks like that,” said the writer, whose new book Shockaholic is available on bookstores.

Fisher also openly talked about her experience with electroconvulsive therapy.”I benefited from it,” explained Fisher who was diagnostic with Bipolad disorder and Drug addiction. “You go in in the morning, they put you to sleep… for like 10 minutes. There’s a medication they give so there are no convulsions any longer,” she shared nonchalantly.

For more information with her use of electroconvulsive therapy and struggles in life, check out her book Shockaholic.

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