Former PBB Housemates released their debut album!


It all started with a teenage dream as former Pinoy Big Brother Teen-ternational housemates James Reid and Brett Jackson, as the duo released their debut album entitled “We Are Whatever” under Star Records.

The duo ‘s debut album consisted all of their original compositions. James and Brett admitted that working on their album is the product of their hard work and fun. “At first we are just playing around, just having fun,” James said. “I just went to his house and we were like, whoa this is cool, why don’t we put this on Youtube, we put it on Youtube and it got like 20,000 hits and then we’re like, ‘Oh, this might be something.’”

James Reid, a teenager from Australia born to a Filipino mother and Brett Jackson from the United States, joined PBB as International housemates. Both are able to understand Tagalog but can not fully express themselves,however, Brett is fluent in Bisaya as he is living in the Visayan region before PBB.

The duo admitted they both tried to compose songs in Filipino but found it hard to write an expressive lyrics.”We put a tagalog part in, just because we thought it might help, but to say what we want to say, it’s hard, still.”

“We are Whatever” contains mostly love songs and it is undeniable that these two young singers are sure are good-looking. When asked about to whom they dedicate their album,James explained,”I guess the inspiration came from the past relationships. There is no particular person I dedicate it to, we made it for our fans, that’s why we started this, for our fans because they have been waiting since PBB for me and Bret to come up with this album.”

We are Whatever is in digital format and can be downloaded via the Star Records website.

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