Hip-hop Star Heavy D Passed Away at Age 44


Hip-hop Star Heavy D Passed Away at Age 44 – The self-proclaimed “overweight lover” of hip-hop, Heavy D, has passed away at the age of 44. He became one of rap’s biggest stars in the 1980s. The US recording artist died on Tuesday after being found unconscious at his Los Angeles home.

Heavy D started his fame with his band “The Boyz” scoring hits with such tracks as Now That We Found Love. He also appered on Michael Jackson’s 1991 song Jam and the latest he performed at the singer’s tribute concert in Cardiff.

Despite Heavy D was known for his big frame, he never let his size become his defining characteristics. He is also known to be charismatic MC who is more often a seducer and a comedian. Together with his band, they set the tone for New Jack Swing, a sparse production, big R&B hooks and metallic drum loops, paving the way for the like of Bobby Brown and Blackstreet.

His albums, such as Big Tyme(1989), Peaceful Journey (1991) and Nuttin’ but Love (1994) went platinum in the US. As he was getting ahead with his acting career, his music suffered on the other end. He appeared on Law & Order: SVU and Boston Public in the early 2000s. Aside from that, he also made select film appearances, with roles in The Cider House Rules and alongside Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in the comedy Tower Heist.

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