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Justin Timberlake Dazzled Into The Marine Corps Ball


Everything started when Timberlake’s co-star Mila Kunis got an invitation to accompany a marine in their Annual Marine Corps Ball. The invitation was posted in Youtube and Kunis accepted it wholeheartedly, of course with some encouragement from Justin. After the news has gone viral, Cpl. Kelsey De Santis did the same to Justin and even left a statement saying “If you can’t go, all I have to say is cry me a river! Hit me up.”

November 12, Saturday, the actor and singer fulfilled his promise to be De Santis’ date. He attended the Basic School Instructor Battalion 236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Richmond, Virginia and the entire event placed Timberlake in so much awe.

He immediately blogged her experience in his website the next day and described it something that “changed” his life. “I knew I would have an evening that I wouldn’t forget…Something I could tell my friends about. What I didn’t know was how moved I would be by the whole experience,” Timberlake wrote.

“It hit me all of a sudden that these were the type of people that look after us and our freedom,” Timberlake continued. “Humble, concerned for others before themselves. This was the type of person our Marine Corps was building. I was really blown away,” he added.

Justin also noted that he was teary eyed when the Pearl Harbor Attack vid was shown and was deeply moved by the fact that some of them were younger than him.

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