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Jennifer Aniston Had Heart-To-Heart Talk To Her Beau’s Ex


Being the new girlfriend of man from a not-so-long breakup would always lead to speculations that you might have been the reason why they split up. Guilt would always haunt you down and there’s nothing you want to do but to prove to everyone else that you’re not a relationship-breaker.

It would be very hard to be in a horrible situation such as this and Jennifer Aniston isn’t cool with that. The 42 year ld actress is very upset at being portrayed as a “homewrecker” and now rumored to had a serious talk with Justin Theroux’s ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens.

According to Aniston, she never got together with Theroux until he’s single. The latter is Aniston’s co-star in “Wanderlust” who played the role of Seth. A reliable source said that Jen has always been adamant that their relationships did not cross over.

Jen assured Bivens in their heart-to-heart talk that there is no way she would steal another woman’s man. She is all effort to explain her side to Heidi after knowing from Justin that the former is having a hard time on how their long term love just ended.

This is a tough time for Bivens and how nice for Aniston to do such thing.

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