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Kris Humphries Wants Annulment Instead Of Divorce


It was such a shocker when Kim Kardashian revealed to the public that she is a getting a divorce from Kris Humphries after their most documented wedding and 72 days of married life. No one really knows how the change of feelings took place or when in particular as they used to publicly share their intimacy.

At first there were rumors but eventually the entire divorce thing were just revealed. The entire thing is part of the ‘Kardashian’ life and there is now way it can be kept forever. There has been a lot of confusions as the couple were seen to be very sweet with each other all through out their wedding bash and even days after the wedding. There has been assurance from Kim that Kris is totally okay with the limelight he’s getting along with her being a celebrity.

However, after 72 days, everything seemed to be the opposite of what’s happening. Kris turned to be a very “bad guy” during the Sunday premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York and now he doesn’t want the divorce. Instead, he wants to file court papers for a legal separation. In short, he wants an annulment. He wants everything to be erased and appear to have never really happened.

Kim’s side about the move didn’t come out yet but surely in the next couple of days there would be answers. Stay tuned.

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